The Impact of Linguistic Diversity on Higher Education in English-dominant and English Medium Instructional Contexts

Seminar Aims

The aim of this seminar series is to encourage collaboration and interaction among academic staff and user groups involved in a number of parallel HE agendas that have created the conditions for the diversification of the linguistic ecology of HE in ED and EMI settings. The series aims to empower academic and research staff and user groups involved with these agendas to address the impact of linguistic diversity in HE and inform HE policy so that the bi/multilingual language resources that are embodied in the staff/ student population can be used for the enrichment of all those in the sector.

Seminar Themes

The seminar series will explore questions of linguistic and cultural diversity in higher education in relation to the following HE agendas:

  • internationalisation (including the mobility of staff and students, the planning, design and delivery of intercultural and international curriculum, and under and postgraduate English-Medium Instructional programmes)
  • language revitalisation (including the promotion and maintenance of minority and community languages and the planning, design and delivery of curriculum for minority and community language programmes at HE level)
  • widening participation (including the planning, design and delivery of access programmes for non traditional university students, language and study skills activities designed to improve the retention of widening participation undergraduates in the sector and inclusive curriculum)

Seminar participants will benefit from the opportunity to examine these issues in a forum that involves experts from the fields of applied linguistics (including Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), sociolinguistics, languages (including minority and community languages), bi/ multilingual education, language planning and policy and higher education studies.